Simplifying E-Commerce Marketing, Order Management and Delivery                                        

Internet penetrations in Southeast Asia is growing faster than the world average. There will be 205 million internet users in the region by 2016.

Here at Anchanto, we provide services that enable our clients to take advantage of this growth and the commercial opportunities that it creates.

Cross-border E-commerce
Southeast Asia is largely a cross-border oriented market in which consumers are willing to purchase online from leading markets such as US, Europe, Japan, China and Korea. Anchanto helps e-commerce stores in these markets to ship and fulfill orders at optimized cost whilst giving unparalleled support and fast deliveries.

Channel Management
Brands are increasingly looking to open a store in leading marketplaces to reach consumers directly and engage with them in a digital commerce space. Anchanto provides end-to-end integration and fulfillment to achieve this and help scale across the region.

Fulfillment and Delivery
Every e-commerce business needs a scale-able fulfillment back-end operations and technology. Anchanto provides this to customers on a completely pay-as-you-use basis so that these businesses can grow without any issues, fixed costs and bottlenecks.

Anchanto Fulfillment Network
As a 3PL company, get empowered to offer e-commerce fulfillment with Anchanto’s proprietary technology and services. Companies can leverage on their setup to increase revenue from logistics.

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