Platform Of Marketing Apps That Focuses On Increasing Your Sales & Conversion Rate

Beeketing helps more than 30,000 online sellers sell to millions of customers.

Understand your customers better by tracking all their behaviours on your store

With Beeketing, you can follow each customer around your store to make sure they really buy. Beeketing connects all your data to real people. Even when your customers use multiple devices and browsers, or they’re not logged in, we connect all their data to a single person in Beeketing to learn their interests on your store.

Increase conversion rate by recommending products customers really want to buy. With accurate data on real people, we’ll optimize your marketing machine at every step. Know where to find ready and willing customers, suggest the right products to the right ones, and increase conversion rates.

Make customers come back and buy more by proactively engaging them with products they truly want.

  • Convert vistors into customers by follow-up emailsFollow-up customers by personalized & automated emails based on their behaviors to make sure they really buy
  • Target recommendationsIncrease loyalty: send target recommended products, hottest items of the week, new collection from store, weekly & automatically to customers. Maintain regular contact with your customers while you don’t even have to lift a finger!
  • Bring back slipping-away customersIncrease retention rate: make slipping-away customers come back and purchase again. Beeketing will send re-engaging emails to bring every lost shopper back and turn them into your life-long customers.

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