Real-Time Financial Monitoring and Notification Service                                                                       

Call Levels is a real-time financial monitoring and notification service that provides you with the critical information necessary for a successful investment strategy. We believe in equalizing the playing field for everyone in the financial markets – so whether you are a professional trader or first time investor, Call Levels alerts you when your stocks, commodities or any other asset hits the specified price you set in advance.

We understand that in the financial world, time is money and attention is invaluable currency. That’s why we created Call Levels to track global markets every minute around the clock, with real-time data direct from the exchanges.

Together with our promise to serve free, reliable, real-time price alerts in the simplest way possible, wherever you may be, Call Levels also provides you with market snapshots with reliable data straight from the world’s exchanges, empowering you to manage and achieve your financial goals without being tied to your desk.

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