Personal Financial Data Aggregation Platform For High Net Worth Individuals                           

Canopy aggregates and reports your financial data across all of your bank and other financial accounts. It helps you make sense of your whole wealth and aids you to manage your money better.

Canopy is the world’s first, and currently the only, automated account aggregation platform that works without data feed from banks. Canopy can aggregate from your PDF statements – what that means is that you have no limit on which bank to include in the aggregation, and you can get started immediately.

Send to Canopy any number of bank and financial account statements in PDF, CSV etc. electronic format via secure upload (recommended) or email. You can take out your name, contact details and other personal information. Even if you don’t, Canopy will not store the data.

Statements uploaded to Canopy will be anonymously processed by Canopy’s proprietary data extraction and aggregation engine. Processed data is usually accurate to the cent.

The final aggregated report will be generated in a secure web browser. The graphically pleasing report will be accessible from any PC, tablet or smartphone. Full suite of interactive analytics included.

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