Reinventing Furniture Retail by Offering Great Design at an Honest Price                                      

Castlery was founded with one ambition:
to reinvent how furniture retail works by offering great design at an honest price.

Design at our core
Castlery is a team of people addicted to good furniture. We also collaborate with other product designers to create great furniture that is both functional and lasting.

We cut out the middleman
We work with some of the best factories around the world – the very factories that produce your favorite designer labels. By removing the middleman and streamlining our processes, we are able to offer great quality design with an honest price tag.

Delivered to you with love
Each product is skillfully crafted just for you. After going through strict quality control checks, we deliver your piece directly to your door, fuss-free. We are proud of the growing community we are creating, so if you need anything just call us, we are here to help.

Honestly priced furniture, direct to your door
We want to fundamentally change the furniture industry. We realized that well-made designer furniture was unjustifiably expensive due to the cumulative costs of middlemen, warehouses and shopfronts. So we remove everything that is not essential and extend the savings to you.

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