Enabling Transfer Of Value & Digital Content Via Social Networks & Messaging Platforms

Fastacash is the only technology platform to enable the secure transfer of any type of payment, across any social and messaging channel, from any part of the world.

Breakthrough technology for a seamless social payments experience

Our patent-pending fastalink technology bridges the worlds of social, mobile and payments. Partner with us to tap into your consumers’ ever-evolving digital behaviour and offer them a richer payments experience that lets them send, request, and make payments along with digital content.

Robust and secure, our platform onboards your payments service seamlessly, connecting you to multiple social channels through a single point of integration via our APIs and SDKs. It’s quicker and more cost-effective than integrating into individual or building your own platform.

Industry-grade security at the heart of what we do

Our technology tokenises all transfers of value, and encrypts it with multiple layers of security, and then stores it securely in the cloud. Through these and other risk management measures, we ensure the security of highly sensitive data and enable secure payments – without burdening the user experience.

Omni-channel platform

Our versatile platform supports any payment type and is easily adapted for use across various industries and partners including banks, money transfer operators, mobile payment platforms, mobile wallet services, payment service providers, mobile network operators and social networks.

Headquartered in Singapore, we currently have international teams across the US, the UK, South East Asia and India.

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