Valet Driver Booking App That Gets You & Your Car Home Safely After A Great Night Out   

A taxi can’t bring your car home with you. JOCKY is a mobile app that connects car users to designated valet drivers seamlessly to help get you and your car home safely.

Economical and convenient: Getting a designated valet driver not only helps save you unnecessary cab fares, but also overnight parking charges and fines. With you driven home in your own car, you won’t have to worry about the time-consuming task of retrieving your car the next day.

Quick and efficient: Not too sure the exact address of your whereabouts? JOCKY auto-detects your current location and connects you to an available designated valet driver in less than 3 taps.

Ease of use: When you’re tipsy, it’s always a hassle to count money. JOCKY integrates a cashless payment gateway – your fare is charged to your credit card automatically the moment you and your car are safely back home.

Drink-driving is a real problem that persist in the world we live in on a daily basis. Apart from creating unnecessary run-ins with the law, it also causes the loss of life – all of which can be easily avoided by being responsible and choosing to let someone capable drive you home instead.

JOCKY is founded to enhance the safety of our roads through the use of technology in helping car owners and users engage designated valet drivers easily, so that you and your vehicle can reach home safe and sound.

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