Automate Customer Retention and Maximize Repeat Customers for E-Commerce Marketers

MINEMATIC helps online businesses reach out to their customers in a personalised manner via email campaigns. 


We’ve hidden the complexity to present you a seamless user-friendly interface, simple to navigate even on the busiest days. If you hit upon any icebergs, our dedicated team offers you round-the-clock rescue services.


Imagine the power to send 100,000 unique emails personalised to every customer’s preferences and needs. Our intelligent algorithms create the customised content, and you decide when to send. The best part? They are fully automated with just one click.


Convert subscribers into buyers and let us take care of retaining your customers while you focus on acquiring new ones. Experience click-through rates 3 times the industry average and over 500% return on your investments (ROI). Enhance your brand value with impeccable customer knowledge.

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