We Help You Engage More Customers & Improve Customer Service Productivity                

Triibe helps physical and online stores, get up to 10x customer feedback through offering standard rewards, promote positive word-of-mouth through upgraded rewards and acquire new customers through social media rewards.


MOBILE FEEDBACK: Encourage your customers to share with you their service experience with rewards.

IPAD FEEDBACK: Hand an iPad to your customers for feedback, elicit as many feedback as possible. It’s that simple.

WEB FEEDBACK: Engage your customers from multiple channels. Collect in-store feedback and embed triibe feedback form on your website.


POSITIVE FEEDBACK? : Drive more organic ‘Likes’ to your Facebook page. Encourage customers to recommend your brand on Facebook.

NEGATIVE FEEDBACK? : Alert your in-store manager when you receive a negative feedback in real-time. Empower them to perform on-the-spot service recovery!


REAL-TIME ANALYTICS: Manage your customer feedback data using a top-down approach. Triibe dashboard presents complex data in easily consumable charts & reports.

BENCHMARKING: Quantify your business performance. Compare and benchmark performance with industry average data.