Marketplace and Management Platform for Recruiting and Managing Virtual Partners

We’re proud to introduce you to the Singapore-based startup that is revolutionizing online freelancing.

Execuvite is built for enterprises that want to combine the benefits of flexible freelance workers with the power of professional partnerships. We make it easy to create freelance teams that can handle high-value projects and deliver big results with lower costs.

Our enterprise-grade tools provide powerful capabilities, easy administration and security that organizations can trust.

With Execuvite, companies use virtual Partners to recruit and manage multi-skilled teams that match the capabilities of outsourcing firms, marketing agencies and software development companies — but with more agility and lower overhead.

Execuvite utilizes three essential elements—an online freelancing marketplace, professional freelance network and collaboration platform—to reinvent the workplace and give enterprises and freelance professionals a better way to work together.

Watch us as we change the world of work!

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